DES is an Offical Distributor of PumpTRAX

PumpTRAX Well Pump Puller

Portable, Gas Powered, Well Pump Puller & Installer!

PumpTrax Well Pump Puller is the ultimate portable well pump puller & installer! With 675lbs of pulling strength and grip! Because it is gas powered, you no longer have to wonder where or how reliable your power source will be!

Auto-Pull with Safety Cutoff

Allows you to pull pipe automatically but if anything gets hung up; it will automatically stop.

5 YEAR WARRANTY on Ultra-Strong "Pipe Grip" Trax wheels

ULTRA-STRONG, AIRLESS Trax tires form to the pipe for excellent grip up to 2" pipe on steel/galvanized, pvc stick pipe or coil pipe. These tires are made to last for years and years.

Easily pass Cable Guards & Torque Stops & Pump!

PumpTrax has a custom Air Tank (accumulator) that allows the Trax wheels to expand open to pass objects like: Pitless Adapters, Torque Stops and Cable Guards with ease!


Because the system is powered by hydraulics and the Trax tires were designed and manufactured specifically for well pipe. You can rest assure that this machine will pay itself back within the first few "No Water" calls.

OPTIONAL: Well Lights, Foot Counter, Spider Stand Legs

Can be added as options. The "Well Lights" light up the casing to allow you to use "two hands" to thread onto the pitless adapter! Another option is the: "Resettable Foot Counter." It automaticity counts the feet of pipe that has been pulled out. Giving you "easily obtained" helpful information!


So.... Why Design a New Pump Puller?

Why would we design a well pump puller if they were already available? We felt there was much left to be desired. Existing pump pullers are bulky, heavy and require an external power source (electricity). Would you like to trade in your gas powered lawn mower for an electric lawn mower? Probably not. But our final straw was when we had customers loading their truck with a gasoline generator and an electric pump puller. Well.....Combined weight of 400lbs and "I hope your truck is roomie and not cluttered???" This is why and we hope PumpTrax will be an exciting addition to your tool assets.

Future Add-ons

Designing around hydraulics was no accident. Hydrodynamics versatility is unmatched in our world We wouldn't have power, roads and buildings without it. So what does this have to do with PumpTrax? The engine half of PumpTrax is a complete hydraulic power plant. This means a "Lightweight" 1300 Watt Generator, Post Auger, Casing Punch and more will be small options available to your PumpTrax Hydraulic Power Plant.